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You are here: Home > Site News » Blade and Soul China : Down...

Blade and Soul China : Download your OBT launcher now + Warning to all CBT Players

Tags : Blade and Soul China : Download your OBT launcher now + Warning to all CBT Players    


UPDATES :**Official Announcement : Due to overwhelming response, the Create a Char event has ended earlier than expected. The newest server 电信6区was filled up in 2 hours. With that we wrap up the event and look forward to seeing you guys on the 28th Nov during OBT. Ciao~**


For players who did not score a chance to create your character, fret not, get your launcher ready and read through all the guides in this forum to prepare for the 28th of Nov. I will be throwing out a few more posts to make your entry into the game as smooth as possible. I tried my best to reply comments as timely as I could and I would like to thank the helpful members for attending to some of the queries posted here. =)

Many people have wondered why is there an extended maintenance time on the server today. This is an update concerning both CBT and OBT players, so please be careful to not mess up anything on your launcher.


Once upon a time, there were two strangers...

**For all CBT Players**

Do not, I repeat do not select the option of "Create a New Character for OBT" . If you do that your launcher will be automatically converted to a OBT launcher, denying you access to your CBT account. There is a way to reverse this process that is downloading a revert version patch from the official website.


**For all OBT Players**

Create your character now and play when OBT is here! For now till OBT, you can take your time to install the game.You will be able to login to the server to create your character on the 23rd to 24th of November. Each account can only create 1 character. Once the server is full, the lights of the server will turn off and you will not be able to create your character on that server anymore. ( I took 1.5 hours to make my zoro look-alike... )

**Edited: You will need to install the new launcher from the official site to participate in the event. Link is here.**


Event Duration

From 23rd Nov (12:00) to 24th Nov (22:00)

*Event ends when all servers are filled*


Event Details

The event will be released to 3 Brand New Servers, namely 电信三区、五区 and 网通二区. Please see image below:

Each Account is only entitled to 1 x Character Creation (inclusive of name selection) on one of the 3 New Servers.

If servers are filled up faster than expected, there is a possibility that the event will end at a pre-matured time.

You may begin topping up QQ points to your character, however you will only be able to spend them when OBT is released.


2 x Welcome Gifts for new players

1. Be the FIRST 1 MILLION Players to download the launcher to get this in game Achievement below:

As you can see there are achievements for 1 million, 2 million, 4 million, 6 million and 8 million. (Seriously...)

If you are interested you can find out the New Achievement System and more here.


2. Once the server is full, all participating players within the server will be given a surprise gift when you enter the game during OBT.


Aspenach's Mini Event

Guys I am consolidating players in-game character pictures to showcase on my website so after you are done with your character, send me a PM with your character image together with your IGN and QQ number. (If you don't mind to appearing on my website) I will choose 5 winners from the list and announced the lucky winners a day before OBT. Each of you will receive 10Q money (in-game) each in your QQ account. (10Q Money will give you 1000 in-game Qpoints. You can use to buy 3 神龙工商袋 Dragon Business bags to unlock one row of inventory or spend it on 1 month's Free VIP Membership)

This is a way of saying thanks to my readers who have been supporting me thus far. I hope you enjoy the game and find the guides useful. =D


You can read up about the news here :

OBT Servers and Character Creation


FAQ For This OBT (credits to 17173)

1. What is the revenue model of Blade and Soul China?

Revenue is earned through players purchase of costumes and VIP Membership. There are a few minor benefits that VIP members enjoy to enhance the overall gaming experience.


2. What is the recommended Computer Specifications?

GTX 650TiBoost, 4GB Ram and Win 7 64 bit


3. What is the content that will be present on OBT?

Level 45 Su-wol Plains without Pohwan Dungeon. (My predictions came through!)


4. Weapon Feeding is very huge part of Blade and Soul, so do I need to spend real hard cash on it?

No, there is no need to as all materials used for feeding can be farmed or bought through the Trading House.


5. If I am a non-cash players, will I enjoy the game as much?

Sure why not? You can earn in-game currency through daily quests.


6. I am rich, money is not an issue will I enjoy the game more?

Cash rich players can use the 丰汇行 in game to sell your Point coupon in exchange for gold. Using the gold, you can lavish yourself with the most high-end rare jewels for your weapon(s). These point coupons can be used to help non-cash players enjoy in-game cash shop items


7. I totally do not know which class to play? How?

For PVE : Blade Master, Destroyer, Lyn Blade Master, Force Master

For PVP : Assasin, Destroyer, Lyn Blade Master, Summoner (wut?)

Easy to use class : Force Master, Destroyer

Animal Lover : Summoner

Action Games Lover : Kungfu Master, Blade Master, Lyn Blade Master


The rest of the info that accompanies this OBT can be read up here.


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